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As an Official Resort of Hersheypark, we specialize in all things fun! Tell us what's important to you during a getaway.

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What motivates you most to visit Hersheypark?*
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The Scrambler at Hersheypark
Spending time with my kids
Cotton Candy at Hersheypark
Fun, happy environment
Hershey Bar Character
Transports me to a different world
Lazy River at Hersheypark
Escape from the daily grind

What is an ideal statement to describe you?*
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A family at Hersheypark
I enjoy staying active, exploring the whole Park, and soaking up the sun.
Cotton Candy at Hersheypark
I like to spend time with my family taking photos and making memories.
The Skyrush at Hersheypark
It's non-stop fun; I ride as many rides as possible and try to experience everything.
Great food at Hersheypark
I re-experience all my favorites by enjoying the same rides and foods during every visit.

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